And tonight,i’ll fall asleep with you in my heart ❤


Sharing Bed (co-sleeping) and hammock (jhoola) have been the most favored and proven choice for ages in India. The concept of baby sharing bed has been passed over generations to generations. It was also successful because it is believed that baby co-sleeping with a mother is healthy and good for the development for a baby. So other options are more like day-napping alternative for a baby, as in the nights babies usually sleep with their mommies. Baby co-sleeping is still practiced in India, but it is a very personal choice on how you want to develop a sleeping habit to your baby.


A few advises parents not to share a bed with their baby because of the risk of suffocation, even though other experts consider co-sleeping to be beneficial in promoting breastfeeding and bonding.


So I conducted a Survey to check where do most of the mothers stand on this issue?

I would like to highlight some Information on the above topic.

There are many options available when it comes to making a Baby sleep. Amongst those I have listed few here:

1) Co-sleeping



v  The most common reason for bed-sharing is how easy it makes breastfeeding. Bed-sharing babies are more likely to be breastfed and to breastfeed more often than babies who sleep alone.

v  Co-sleeping also allows you to spend more time being close to your baby which can be comforting for both of you.

v  Some parents believe that it may even help you to create a stronger bond with each other.

v  Lying next to your baby means that you’re likely to check on her and touch her more often through the night. So you may notice if she’s unwell more quickly than if she were in a cot.

v  Babies can find it hard to sleep without the closeness of a parent and may cry when they’re in a cot. Co-sleeping can make it easier for you to respond to your baby , settle her more quickly and hopefully get some better quality sleep at the same time


v  Although SIDS is rare, the risk is greatly increased when you co-sleep

v  If your baby gets used to falling asleep next to you, she may have trouble sleeping when you leave her with a relative or babysitter.

v  Making the eventual transition from your bed to her own bed can be a long, drawn-out process.

v  Many parents find the idea of sex in the same bed as their baby ,a complete turn-off. One or both of you may resent having to make this kind of compromise.

But there are other ways (and places) to keep your sex life going. 😉

Price– Parental love

Safety– minor (SIDS)

Maintenance– Regular

Accessories needed- Quick dry sheets (for Nappy Leakage)

Other info- Most Preferred sleeping method in India

2) Hammock(jhoola)/rocking cradle(palna)


Some claim that sleeping in a jhoola will help your baby’s head develop a nice, rounded shape as he will not be sleeping on a flat mattress.


v  A cloth hammock (jhoola) holds your baby snugly, as though your baby has been swaddled . This can help to make your baby feel secure.

v  Babies may associate the gentle rocking motion of a jhoola with the movements they felt while nestled in the safety and security of your womb. So the rocking movement can feel reassuring and soothing to your baby, especially during the initial weeks. This is known to sleep in.


v  Your baby could get used to the rocking motion of the jhoola and take longer to adjust to a stationary cot or bed. It’s up to you how to settle your baby to sleep. As your baby grows, you may feel that you need to break the habit before your baby becomes dependent on it to sleep.

v  Like the palna, the jhoola can be used only as long as your baby turns over by himself. Most babies roll over at about three months, but for some babies, it might be earlier than this. Your baby may roll over to his side or stomach while he sleeps and may find it difficult to turn on his back in a jhoola or palna. This can be dangerous or even fatal as your baby’s breathing can get obstructed.

v  Some fabrics may not allow enough circulation of air, and might overheat a baby.

v  Strings, cords, ribbons or accessories can pose a strangulation and suffocation risk.
Price-Hammock- A preloved Saree/cloth

Rocking cradle (Palna)-Rs 500 -7000 & above

Safety– Sids(initially) and Babies may fall after they starts rolling over.

Maintenance– regular washing (Hammock) and cushions and the whole cradle cleanliness is required.

Accessories needed– Assembly and operating is required.

Other info- still a preferred option in India after Co-sleeping.


3) Cribs And Bassinets


Few recommend that newborns sleep in the same room as the parents, but in a separate sleeping space.

Both cribs and bassinets can be safe sleep choices for a newborn. However, they have several important differences.

Crib  -Pros- it has Longer lifespan and can be converted to a toddler bed.
Cons -Takes up more space, can be expensive

Pros  – It is Smaller, easier to lean over, and portable
Cons– It has weight limits, and only good for baby’s first few months
Price- Crib- 11000-40, 0000 &more

Bassinet-5000 and above

Safety–  Bassinets/Crib- Sids

Maintenance– mattress/railings

Accessories needed– screws/brackets

Other info- not many people prefer these in India

Personally, I prefer co-sleeping together as a family  as it develops strong bonding among the child as well as with both the parents, because it’s only during that time the child when grown up , can share stories and the parents can engage in true conversations and true love and bonding develops.

What is your Preference in same and why?

Please share.


Have a Peaceful Sleep with your loved one. 😀



A letter from my 21st century Mom :)

My lovely Daughter,


The moment we announced your arrival ,the wishes and comments have been about your unique  name and later looks.

No doubt ,you’re Gorgeous,especially for me.People call you cute too.but the compliment you shall seek to shall be about your talents,hard and smart work.

In today’s world ,it’s not sufficient just to be beautiful.In your generation,being pretty isn’t enough to concentrate on more exciting pastimes.


Always be the best example for honesty,loyalty,jolly,skillful,dedication and can possess these all along with being pretty.

Embrace the expression ‘Smile’ but express yourself by crying, singing, reflecting, reacting,growling, screaming or however you feel like,because these are also a part of you.You can be YOU all the time ,in front of me and the world.

yes,PINK looks pretty on you and so is blue,yellow ,green and every other color .


I hope you like batman,hulk,superman as much as you like Barbie and Disney princess.please refrain from watching big-boss and meaningless reality shows.

You can be imperfect,You can be silly.

Never be afraid of being alone.

I wish , you learn to run,play ,jump and kick hard too.

Don’t be afraid of scary and challenging things.these things will teach or may inspire you too.

Its OK if somebody doesn’t like you .you’re not born to impress true to yourself.


Enjoy.    Enjoy life.

Be safe ,Healthy and Happy.

Study isn’t takes interest and time for some people.Take some time out for it.whether right or wrong answers, you get in different subjects,it doesn’t matter.there are sometimes, few circumstances in the world same as questions in the subjects(right or wrong).

Travel more,celebrate MUCH more.

Use the words, “‘NO’ thank you” liberally.

Avoid using harsh words against other proud to be one and at the same time respect masculinity of males all women are not our default enemy ,same are not all males.



Learn to Forgive but never Forget.


Of all the things , i said ,the most important one is :

whoever you turn out to be ,remember you’ll always be my Baby!!!



your wow mom


Let’s Keep The Diwali celebrations Incomplete This Year :)

Mom is too busy these days.She says that this month is full of festivities.even i can sense that.i’m too loving the lights and happiness in the air.we have celebrated many festivals in last few weeks but mom says the grand one is yet to come.



She had a fanatic  week planned for same.this is very normal for her.she loves to celebrate each and every festival completely.

But she says that this year she will keep Diwali celebrations little incomplete for my betterment and clean environment .

Initially even i was astonished that why she’s saying so and then she said  that

Diwali devoid of fireworks is considered incomplete and raised a question too on same.


let’s answer her question after reading why she thinks we should say no to crackers .

  • It creates Smog.
  • It leads to Fire Accidents.
  • Other living beings(Aged/Babies/Pregnant ladies/Asthma patients) and Pets get affected the most.
  • Land pollution from left over and burnt crackers and Noise pollution.
  • Child Labor.
  • Harmful air to breathe.

so the question she raised is :

Why can’t we refrain ourselves from bursting crackers this Diwali?

For the environment, for our loved ones, for our pets.

Will we keep Diwali incomplete if it is considered so , without crackers?


Diwali is a special one for her as it brings memories from her childhood.Diwali means a “row of lamps” in is celebrated for the return of Lord Rama ,with his wife Sita and brother Lakshman from 14 years exile and a war in which he vanquished the king Ravana.

This festival celebrates new beginning ,the triumph of good over evil and light over darkness.

Mom has planned to go for green Diwali to do her bit of contribution in saving  and making environment safe for me and my fellow living beings.

She says that it’s easy and enjoyable to follow the following ways to make it exciting :

  • Choose Earthen lamps -No pollution and gives a different look.set them in alluring patterns.
  • Handmade cards and gifts -Go for economic and better sentimental values gifts for your near and dear ones.
  • Give your home a natural aroma.use scented candle and incense sticks.
  • Rangoli – use Eco friendly Rangoli colors for your homes and intricate different  rangoli patterns to welcome goddess Lakshmi.
  • Make other’s Diwali beautiful – do some charity work.donate your unwanted but good in condition things to needy ones.keep your vehicles stocked with small boxes of sweets,chocolates,crayons, toys or knick-knacks that can be them to the kids who sell toys at signal or the people who sits at the street side with a wicker basket of veggies.
  • Arrange a party at your place in evening and eat sweets together.Enjoy with friends and family by visiting them .
  • Make sure to clean up and sweep the garbage if any.


Light Up the World

Of late, many have found a different way of celebrating this festival; they head off to different locations in the country or the world and celebrate the festival in a different manner there. India has some exotic destinations that must be explored to get a different feel of the festival altogether.

Whichever way you celebrate it ,make sure you watch it in wonder as it gives us the gift of togetherness,happiness,teamwork and memories that lasts forever.





Mom! Hold me close enough to kiss …

So,Finally on 11th Aug ,I was gifted as a reward from the lord to my beautiful mother.i remember, she was exhausted in the labor room and still she managed to ask  the same  question to the Gynecologist  -Is it a girl ? .she nodded her head in was so relaxed hearing it that she didn’t even bother to have my first look. 😮


She knew i’m the princess she wished for.she just thanked god for everything.(those who read the previous blogs know i am the wish ,which came true for her).

Like a first time mumma,she was very possessive about me.she wanted to do even the smallest task related to me by herself , in spite of knowing that this could take a toll on her health.i was already keeping her busy enough  but mom being an active woman in other fields too ,this was becoming monotonous for her.hence ,she started getting depressed as she wasn’t able to do both simultaneously baby care and getting  some time for her . 😦

Then on one fine day, she was added to a mommies group by one of her mommy friend ,which  acted as a  savior for her when she had become a zombie because of me fighting sleep  however hard she tries to make me sleep and late night or whole night nursing sessions. :p

From the same group she got an invite to go for a baby wearing workshop which was to be held in E Square mall .She had no clue about this concept but she took it as an opportunity to meet other moms as well as going out with me to a place other than hospital or clinic.(i was just 45 days young).


Mom says it was a turning point in her motherhood journey which had just helped her to keep me close and safe as no one gets in my face when mom  wears me unlike in stroller or pram where other aunties or didis stop and coo or rub a hand or touch my head.even i didn’t like them doing so but my mom used to give a short derisive laugh and warn them not to repeat it.

BW(Babywearing) made mom comfortable enough to go out frequently whenever and wherever she likes to without worrying about the crowd as she knew i was safe and close to her heart in real too.she resumed her work and started coaching for few hours carrying me in the carrier.


She chose an ergonomic carrier and uses it quite often.when i was 1.5 months, mom tucked me into the infant insert and still continues to use the same minus insert(i can control my head now).She loves her KOLKOL Baby carrier.


Mom wants to update you all about this Baby wearing concept as mom believes, this is something every mom must have. 😀

Here she goes…

* Hey fellow moms..hope you’re enjoying the motherhood roller-coaster.

There are lots of benefits of baby wearing and it’s a blessing to us..

1)Snuggles and Bond with the baby : Keeping our loved ones close makes the bond more strong.

2)Hands free and convenient : Carrying  him in a carrier not arms keep your hands free.

3)Calm Baby : If you hold the baby close ,he’s more calm.

4)Nurse in public – It also makes it convenient to nurse the baby in public.

5)Physical Development – It helps the baby to regulate his own physical response and exercises his vestibular system,which controls balance.

6)Weight gain : They say that Premature baby those are touched or held,gain weight faster than others.

7)Safe baby : It keeps the baby safe from unknown world or crowd.

8)Calories : Wear the baby  & go for a walk along with weight lifting.

9)Father baby bonds -It’s a useful tool for family members to start bonding with baby.


10)Shopping : Can easily push the grocery cart while you shop

11)Social events -No need to worry about people smothering your baby’s face with kisses.


12)Play – Strap the younger one and play with the elder one.

13)Travel – Wearing the baby is easier than pushing the stroller.


14)Work : Just wear your baby and get anything done.

15)Resume life – Helps you to resume your life with a new companion close to you.


Note :Make sure the baby is positioned an ergonomic carrier.

There are many types of carriers -SSC(Soft structure carriers) are common and comes in styles by different makers.My KOLKOL is a Buckle ona nd i like it for the ease and convenience.I just have to put it on and click.

Wraps are of different lengths and kinds and types of materials , like light materials for hotter months.Other varieties in this are half buckle,ring slings ,pouches etc

The above ones comes in different styles ,i prefer the buckle one as i trust buckle more than my tying abilities.

In India where Saree is our traditional dress,Baby wearing can be done for free too.For this you shall have a stretchable cotton saree(but you need an expert guidance and lots of practice for correct positioning and safety of baby).

*The cost for these starts from INR 1500+ to 3000+ or would be more expensive depending on the size,material ,type you choose.these are sold mostly online and some brands have few retailers too

*Know which carrier/sling/wrap is good for your family/budget /fit for baby and your back.

*For more information you can join various Baby wearing Facebook groups or may contact a sling library in your city.

Because a Child might not know which direction,he is going but when he’s attached to you,he doesn’t feel lost.

Keep Calm’s a Baby shower day!!

Woohoo …I’m too excited.Time is flying.Tick tock tick tock ..

Now only two more months  to go and we’ll see each other for the first time to fall in love forever.I so want to be in your arms made of tenderness and sleep soundly in them.

Today is the baby shower ceremony wherein our closed ones come together and bless the baby and the mother.So sweet of them and i’m thankful too.BTW i’m already blessed to have you as my mom.

Mom !This place is so nicely and beautifully decorated.all the things are well managed and the music is lively.


Wow! the guests has started arriving and congratulating you .The atmosphere is full of happiness.i’m loving it.oh ya!they are right mom! you’re looking gorgeous and elegant today ,like always.Stop blushing now(Nazar na lage)




How are few people so sure that there’s a baby BOY in your tummy???i know how YOU wish to have a Baby girl in your life.Mom i know that you never mind few things people say and you don’t like.start practicing to turn a deaf ear to the unsolicited advice because all babies are different and we don’t come with a manual.

You too are so curious to know whether i’m a girl or  a boy not because you’re biased but because you wish to have a girl & wishes has no reason.the Gynae aunty is so humble and bears you as you keep on asking her the same question everytime (that is there a baby girl growing inside you?) whenever you visit her and she replies the same thing that the baby is healthy(Respect)

oh this Music ….seems like the celebrations has started.HAHAHA…These aunties think they can know my gender by playing this quiz.fine mom! as you can see two bowls and you have been asked to pick one randomly then let me help you.please pick the left one having Barfi in it .(Barfi means girl and laddoo means BOY).There you’re happy to get what you wished for in the game too.i’m happy that you enjoyed the game.lots of love :*



Mom we’re blessed that so many people have come to bless us .May god keep them all Happy and smiling always.

Music is changed again and this time you’re moving too.sounds your beautiful friends performed the dance so well.that was definately a superb performance.they made the celebrations more lively.


look !they have got a game too for Papa.he’s expected to arrange the chores in sequence when a baby poops.(from cleaning to diaper change).it’s fun.Papa did it like a pro.well done Papa.Proud of now you’re supposed to sing a song for him mom.aahaaa…this sang it so melodiously.

See…there comes Maasi and Daiwik bhaiya with the yum cake in her hand .Daiwik bhaiya seems so excited.The cake is beautifully looks scrumptious but not more than Magnum truffle(i know you crave for it these days).

Mom i’m starving now , so let’s have many options to choose from .take small portion of each kind.Great,the food is tasty but don’t overeat mom as we need to have minimum of two hot juicy gulabjamuns too  😉

Fine.everybody’s leaving now and we too had a fun day but you look lil should take some rest mom.

oh ya..i need to tell you few details of the function which you may use in case if you need:

Venue -Rosewood Hotel, Dange Chowk,Pune

Food :- vegetarian (delicious)

Service :-excellent

Staff – cooperative and courteous

Price- nominal

Ambience- clean and lively


BTW mom and papa had been to this place many a times before also in their dating period ;D

God bless and be safe ,happy and healthy always 🙂

My first trip to the city beautiful :)


It’s my Nanu’s retirement celebration and i’m just 16 weeks young,lazing around in my mom’s tummy.Everyone is so excited about me and pampering mom a lot for same but mom seems to be a lil upset because she won’t be able to wear her favorite dress as i’m growing fast so it doesn’t fit her anymore.oh! she’s so unpredictable as now she’s thanking god for making that dress a lil uncomfortable as seeing that, nanu  got her  a new dress.lucky she is 🙂

oops.. i forgot to tell that my Nanu stays in City might be knowing its name..yes it’s Chandigarh.Do you wish to know some cool facts about this here they are :-

* Organised ,Planned and designed by the French Architect of that time Le Corbusier.

*This city has no sector numbered 13(unlucky)

*It’s a Tricity(Chandigarh/Mohali & Panchkula).

*Lots of Parks & Roundabouts but no statues

*Mostly working government officials or retired ones (Pensioners Paradise)

*Crazy undefined university elections

*Each sector is divided into roads to avoid direct access to residential areas.

*Sector 17 -Pedestrian paradise & hot destination for people on      weekends(Restaurants,pubs,clothing,discos etc)

*Close to Nature (Greenary at its best)Sukhna lake,Rose Garden/Rock Garden & many more.

*Sector 22 for latest fashion in reasonable price

*Geri Route(set of roads where students drive cars and motorbikes)

university food joints

*Close to hills(MacleodGanj,Kasauli,Shimla etc)

*Clean city

I feel so fortunate that my Nanke stays in such a beautiful place and i get to visit it frequently.

Coming back to my Nanu’s retirement celebrations-We celebrated it in Park Plaza.This is an upscale Hotel around 9 km away from Elante mall.its a calm and composed hotel with classy interiors. the ambiance along with the food was good.The staff was excellent and so was service.

We went there with family and friends for Dinner and we had to choose from the 3 options they had for same. Zaranj,-A fine dine theme Restaurant ,A sports bar and Rooftop dining (pool side too).

Mom had already crafted props for Nanu and the lighting and the backgroud helped us to click our beautiful memories.We enjoyed a lot and i still wait every year for vacations to visit my nankes. mainu vi Chandigarh de nazareya ne patya 😉


Screen time is mean time for Kids

Her Son wasn’t interested in having his favorite meal & her daughter, she too wasn’t paying attention to her offer of going out to the amusement park.

Because playing games online & watching barbie movie on mumma’s phone is more interesting to them rather than going out & create their childhood to cherish forever.

Kids are spending more time than ever in front of screens.regular access to phones is making them believe what is shown on screen.At the age of learning ,exploring & recognizing real emotions ,they are imitating screen characters & this way number of reel characters are increasing in our real life & we are missing the real superheroes, artists,in short our own innocent & Pure hearted children.
Common Problems kids face due to more screen time are as follows :
Aggressive Behavior
Less Energy
Hard time in outside world
Exposed to not age appropriate commercials, advertisement & Propaganda.

But atlast they are kids & especially they are our kids,so we only need to help them.
For the same you can use following tips :
You Are The Parent
Make a tough decision to limit unhealthy Behavior & encourage healthy ones by explaining them why you have made the decision.

Set Screen Time
Don’t turn off these things completely as they are addicted to it & they will take time to overcome their addiction.set their screen or view time.
Ex:they can view one show after school & one after work ( as an example).

Encourage other activities
Few recommendations are Book reading, indoorgames, art supplies etc
Observe & encourage the one which they like most.

play with them
Get down on the floor. They will like it most if you do so & will even forget their screen time. You need to show your selfless love to your lil ones to win their hearts.

Show Interest in their lives
Inspite of easily turning on the television to make things easy,get involved in their lives.Observe, ask,Listen & Parent.

Hope following my few tips would help to start cutting off their screen time to atleast half.more tips are on the list in the upcoming blog.stay tuned .
Hoping for a wonderful Parenting time for you. 🙂
Parenting tip :-
Parenting isn’t a practice. It’s a daily learning experience.